A Day in the Life of a Photographer

I often have a conversation with my clients during photo shoots.   It goes something like this.

Client:  My kids are being horrible.  I can’t imagine you’re getting anything good of them.
Amy:  Believe me, they are fine. They are normal.  This is how it goes with every child during photos. Trust me on that.
Client:  You’re just saying that to make me feel better.
Amy: No, I promise you.  All kids act the same during photos.  They are fine.  We’ll get some good stuff.
Client: I bet you have gorgeous photos of your kids all over your house.
Amy:  Oh no, no, no. Trust me when I say that my kids are the hardest to photograph. They don’t take me seriously. They act like dorks.  It’s ridiculous.

If I have photographed your children then it’s likely we have had that same conversation.  Today my friends I share with you my most recent photo shoot with my own children. This is PROOF that my kids are not easy to photograph.

This particular day I went out into our woods and hung Christmas bulbs with fishing wire to create a fun backdrop for their Christmas pics.  Izzy of course is smiling and Cooper is saying “Do we have to do this?”  And yes, that is what he was saying.  The shot on the right… the kids not taking me seriously. Even though I was begging for cooperation because the sun was going down in approximately 23 minutes.

Left: Izzy working the camera and giving me her sweet smile. Middle: Cooper running into my frame.  Right: Cooper not wanting his photo taken … at … all. And frankly at that moment I didn’t want to take it either but we needed one for our Christmas card.For a while I seriously considered sending a Christmas card out with just Izzy and putting a stick figure where Cooper should be.As you can see by this time the sun was heading down. It was the perfect sunset that night.  The warm, creamy, sunset of late Autumn.  I was begging my children to give me JUST ONE good shot… that was all I needed. By this time I was about to let them walk back to the house by themselves while I rode the 4-wheeler back up.  It was beyond frustrating that I couldn’t take one good picture of my 10 and 7 year old.  Just so you know, I didn’t make them walk back to the house.  By the way Cooper kept saying “I am smiling” when giving this look.  This is not his normal smile.Finally………. I decided ‘heck with it’ and we tried to do photos on another night. And that is when I decided that THIS would be the best route to go for my children.

So there you have it PROOF that my children are hard to photograph.  I am hoping and praying it gets easier.

Have a blessed night.

~ Amy