Addison and Holly – Engaged

Good Morning.  As I am looking outside at the snow falling – onto a ground that already has a foot of snow on it –  it’s hard to believe that just a few days ago I was down in San Antonio, TX for Holly and Addison’s engagement session.

Several months ago Holly called asking if I would be willing to fly to San Antonio for her engagement shoot.  That was not a hard answer at all!  San Antonio is not only a beautiful city, with rich history, but also a very special place to Holly and Addison.  In 2010 Holly moved to San Antonio to pursue a job there and to be with extended family. It would be a new adventure for her.  Meantime, Addison moved to San Antonio and accepted a job at the very place Holly worked.  It wasn’t long that Holly and Addison’s desks were right beside each other.   You see where this is going.  Soon they became best friends.  And this summer will become man and wife.

Holly and I have known each other for a long time.  This was my first time officially meeting  Addison and I have to say I was very impressed.  As Holly and I were driving around after the photo shoot I shared with her that I have never seen her so at peace and content with life.  She is SO happy as is Addison. They are made for each other.

So here you go Holly and Addison.  A preview of your very special engagement shoot. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Much love, Amy


~ Holly made arrangements ahead of time for photos at the San Antonio Missions. This particular one is the Mission San Jose‘.  What a beautiful location with so much history you could feel it walking around.

Next stop, downtown San Antonio.  The sun was quickly going down as we were shooting these  Fortunately, night-time photos were part of the plan.

It’s so much fun working with a new canvas/city.  The options were endless. This little gem was downtown but not a soul was there.  It was the perfect opportunity for Holly and Addison to show my their 2-step skills.  Holly shared that when she first moved to TX she had no idea how to 2-step.  But it’s just part of the culture so she quickly learned it.

The Alamo.  Saturday morning Holly and Addison took me to a little town called Helotes, TX.   There was a farmers market happening there as it does the 1st Saturday every month.  There were a few places that Holly had wanted to go but when we arrived we found these signs.  We laughed… there were probably a dozen signs with Photographer spelled different on every one.  Needless to say we did not trespass and were able to find other spots that were open for photos.If you know Holly and Addison you know they have a daughter named Kona.  She is a Goldendoodle.  I can’t tell you how many people stopped them and asked what kind of dog she was. The hill country in TX is so very beautiful.  Rolling hills and cactus and muted colors made such a beautiful background for them.  It had been many years since visiting San Antonio.  I can definitely see why people love the city and live there.  Thank you Holly and Addison for you WONDERFUL hospitality.   Love you both, Amy