Berne, IN Wedding – Addison and Holly

This wedding was VERY special to so many people.  It really felt like the event of the town.  Holly is known and loved by scads of people.  When she met Addison and brought him back to Indiana we all embraced him as well.  He and Holly are truly made for each other. No question.   When they flew me to San Antonio for their engagement shoot I left knowing that Addison would forever take good care of our Berne girl.

As I was going through the images for this post I had goosebumps and sometimes tears in my eyes.  The love and JOY that filled this entire day were touchable.  I also laughed many times at Addison’s silly expressions.  He’s a funny guy! Holly was overwhelmed with the love in the room.  I spoke with so many people that day who all expressed how genuinely happy they were for this pair.

Their wedding party was the BEST. And it does seem that Holly has the most gorgeous friends.  They all looked beautiful and were such a sweet group of ladies to be with throughout the day.  Ahhhh insert big hug for the bridal party here.

Let’s chat a minute about the reception.  I cried during Ashley’s toast.  No, nothing emotional, sentimental or sappy – just so stinking hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing.  The room roared during it.  But it was simply a follow up to the toast that Holly herself gave during Ashley’s reception in 2011.

One other very special moment took everyone’s breath away. Holly danced with her grandpa – he is a special guy. But as the song went on each grand-daughter cut in and danced with grandpa for a while. The song “Grandpa… tell me ’bout the good ol’ days” played as they danced.  I just kept thinking of how loved those girls feel by their grandpa, Jerry.

Now my friends I share with you some precious photos of a couple whom I love and adore. Thank you Holly and Addison. You are wonderful and I love you both.

Have a great Monday.


Meet the Newlyweds: Addison and Holly
Wedding Date: August 30, 2014
Location: First Missionary Church – Berne, IN
Reception: Wells County Community Center – Bluffton, IN
How they met: Holly and Addison met at work after she completed her training at the office. As fate would have it, her new desk was right beside his. Engagement: After a long day of work and a sand volleyball tournament Addison proposed to Holly at home over a bottle of her favorite wine. It was perfect, just the two of them to enjoy the moment.Favorite Wedding Memories:  Holly and Addison’s first look and also Holly’s first look with her dad will always be something she remembers. The special dance with grandpa and the grand daughters …as well as having all of their family and friends from Texas and  Berne in the same place were special memories.First Dance Song: I Don’t Dance by Lee BriceHoneymoon: A seven day cruise from Puerto Rico! St Thomas, Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts, and St Marteen.

Florist: Edelweiss Floral and Gift Shop, Berne, IN
DJ: Jason from DJ Sound Solutions