Amy Grant – In Concert

Happy New Year!  It is 2016 and this is my first blog post of the year.  I knew I wanted to start this year out with a special blog post, so I’ve saved this one just for the occasion.

What kind of music stirs your soul?  What lyrics dig into your gut and move you?  Personally, music has always been a huge part of my life.  One of the artists whose music stirs my soul is Amy Grant.  I first saw her in concert in the 80’s when she was on the “Unguarded” tour.  If you’re a fan – think Love of Another Kind, The Prodigal, Wise Up. I remember buying the ticket and being over the moon. And as I sat in the front row, with my little point and shoot film camera, I sang every word (likely out loud bc sing all of the time) to songs like Straight  Ahead, Fathers Eyes and El Shaddai.  It was such a highlight to be at that concert. Since then I have had other opportunities to see her. Every single time I am moved.

When WBCL started announcing that Amy Grant would be coming to Fort Wayne last Fall, I immediately knew that I wanted to be there.  In the back of my mind I thought that it would be an incredible experience to photograph the concert, since Amy Grant is one of my favorite artists.  It was simply a thought, I didn’t pursue this.  At this exact time my husband was about to face open-heart- surgery and I knew that I didn’t have the energy or time to pursue the thought.  But… when I received a phone call from WBCL asking… I was not about to say no!  Fortunately the timing was good. My husband had been home from the hospital for 2 weeks when the concert took place and this was a much needed evening out.

The Fort Wayne Rescue mission hosted Amy Grant as part of their annual fund-raiser. The Grand Wayne Center was packed with people wanting to support the Rescue Mission and wanting to hear Amy Grant.  The evening was a success!

Amy spoke in between songs – which is one of the things that is so moving about seeing her. It’s not just her music but the words she speaks so genuinely.  She spoke about human kindness, about God, about real-life circumstances.  I am pretty sure that there were a few people hoping that her husband, Vince Gill, was along but that night it was just Amy, her guitar and a microphone… and it was perfect.

Here some of the images that I captured that evening. As you look at them, I hope your favorite Amy Grant song goes through your mind.

~ Amy