Bargersville, IN Wedding – Joey and Allison

This wedding was so perfect and it felt and smelled like Spring! Imagine the bouquets of Peonies and Lily of the Valley.  They were so fragrant and were a definite part in the Spring setting.  Each wedding that I photograph is so special in it’s own way.  This one was filled with the love of Joey and Allison, the love of God and the love of family. It was evident and precious to observe with my lens.  It was such a happy day…and to watch it unfold moment by moment was so heart warming.

This was my first time at the Sycamore at Mallow Run.  (And I am hoping it’s the first of many trips there.) From a wedding planning perspective, this location is so ideal for brides and grooms. There are rooms for getting ready (including chairs and mirrors for hair and makeup) and there is a man-cave on the premises so that the men and women don’t run into each other ahead of time.  The staff and wedding coordinator, Kim, were so professional and attentive to everyone.  The wedding facility alone is gorgeous and can be used as a ceremony space and reception space.

Prior to the wedding Joey, Allison and I had met only once and that was at their engagement session. It was a one time meeting and a special connection made.  Just before the wedding Joey contacted me a couple of times, unbeknownst to Allison.  He wanted to tell me that he and Allison had written their vows, but he was going to sing his vows to her! Can you imagine??  There wasn’t a dry eye during that moment.  It was beautiful to witness.

At the end of the night, Joey, Allison and I headed outside for some sunset photos.  If you watch my blog or follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that sunset photos are something that I love capturing.  It was the perfect bookend to their wedding day.

Joey and Allison, THANK YOU for the honor of being with you on your wedding day. It was a joy. Enjoy the preview of your photos.

Much Love,


MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Joey and Allison  WEDDING DATE: April 22, 2017  LOCATION: The Sycamore at Mallow Run, Bargersville, IN  HOW THEY MET: (I am going to let you read this in Joey’s words.) I first saw Alli in the lobby at church where she was inquiring at a “Small Group sign-up table”.  After doing my own inquiry and asking some people if they knew “who that girl was”, I found out her name and, to my dismay, also found out that she had a boyfriend at the time…..  The butterflies would just have to stay cocooned for now.  Fast-forward 6 months later, I heard through the grapevine that she had been single for a while.  At this time, we had both separately attended a “worship concert” at our church, and I randomly saw her talking to a couple of our mutual friends after the concert (this was the only other time I had ever seen her in person, apart from that first moment in middle of the church lobby at the sign-up table).  But this concert, however, was the first time where she would see, and meet me.  So…. after the concert, I worked up the nerve to strike up an ulterior-motive-filled conversation with her friends, only to be able to eventually be introduced to my future wife.  We shook hands, exchanged the customary “Hi I’m Joey.  Hi I’m Alli.  It’s nice to meet you” dialogue.  And that was it.  About a month later, I asked our mutual friend for her number.  He gave it to me.  I texted her.  And we went on our final first date the next day. ENGAGEMENT: (Also told by Joey) Four months after our first date (5 months after we first met), on 9/24/16, Alli’s parents were in town in Greenwood for a Saturday night church service.  I had orchestrated with her parents that after the service, we would all pretend that we were going to leave and meet up at a restaurant for dinner, or so Alli would think.  After we left the church, Alli and I got about 10 minutes down the road, when I told her that we had to go back to church because I forgot my phone.  Once we got back to church, I had baited Alli into walking into the church lobby without me to “look for my phone in there”.  Once she opened the door, she was welcomed with a daisy-balloon-laced aisle which led her to a “table” in the center of the Lobby, which was where I first saw her.  At this daisy-covered table, she found a letter and my phone which she would use to listen to a recording of me reading the letter to her.  After she finished the letter, I walked out, said a few words, and proposed. FAVORITE WEDDING DAY MEMORY: Alli- seeing Joey’s face and his reaction when he first saw her walk down the aisle, Joey- surprising Alli with a song he wrote for his vows. FIRST DANCE SONG: Better Place by Rachel Platten HONEYMOON: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic  VENDORS: DJ- Jeremy Gearries from DJ’s Direct  Florist:  McNamara Florist