Class of 2018 – Becah

Meet Becah! She is one of my Class of 2018 senior representatives from SAHS.  I will be photographing my second rep. from SA on Monday.  🙂

Becah is a delight and has been in front of my camera for years.  I’ve watched her grow up!  Photographing her is easy and we always have the best time.  She loves piano and golf and wanted to incorporate those into her session.   And she told me she wanted her ‘crocs’. I thought she meant that she wanted one of those old crocks that you see at antique stores and in a lot of kitchens, after Joanna Gaines has decorated. But, nope, she meant her croc shoes!

As a senior representative, Becah will be earning rewards at the studio – but you can also have a reward!  By connecting with Becah, you can get a reward code to be used to draw for a special gift from the studio.  These include the following. 1) An 8×10 2) An 8×10 and 2 5×7’s 3) 20% off of your Senior Session Fee and lastly, $25 studio credit to be used anyway you wish.   Be sure to hit her up!

I so enjoyed our time together and am excited to share these sneak peeks of our time together.

Thank you Becah and Annette. I appreciate you both and hope you love these previews. 🙂