Jason and Sherri – Engaged

Two weeks ago on a VERY early morning, Sherri, Jason and I met up for their sunrise engagement session.  We planned this session months ahead of time.  Jason lives in Louisville, KY and Sherri lives in my hometown of Berne, IN.  Originally we were going to shoot for a sunset session. But because of the driving distance we thought a sunrise would work out better. And believe me it truly was perfect.

Jason and Sherri looked GREAT bright and early.  The sun rose so pretty that morning with pinks and purples.  From there we walked around our sweet downtown for the rest of the session.  There is something so peaceful about the early morning.  And it’s crazy how many people are actually up and about THAT early. Who knew?

I am so happy that this sweet couple booked me for their August wedding. I couldn’t be happier to spend their day with them.  They are truly a perfect match.

Here are some highlights from our early morning together.


~ Amy