Berne, IN Wedding – Jess and Sarah

Wedding season is among us and it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year (besides Christmas!)

Jess and Sarah were married almost two weeks ago. I just finished their gallery and smiled the whole time as I was going through their photos.  Sarah has great taste and it showed in her classic Red Rose bouquet and her gorgeous gown with elegant buttons down the back.

The week of the wedding it rained every day. I don’t just mean pop-up showers, it was down-pouring all week.  Imagine how happy Jess and Sarah were to find that their wedding day was the first clear day in days!  We were all pretty happy about that.

I know that Jess and Sarah are super excited to see their photos. So, I will get right to the sneak peek. Thank you so much for entrusting me to your wedding day. It was wonderful!


Much Love,


MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Jess and Sarah WEDDING DATE: May 6, 2017 LOCATION: Mount Hope Church of the Nazarene, Berne, IN and The Mirage Banquet Hall HOW THEY MET: Jess and Sarah met at work.. Sarah didn’t take notice of Jess until after he sent her a Facebook friend request, which she didn’t accept as the didn’t know who he was.  It wasn’t until he sent her an email at work regarding an IT issue that she put his face and the Facebook request together.   She went home that night and accepted his friend request.  They started talking shortly after that and haven’t stopped!  ENGAGEMENT:  Jess and Sarah got engaged on April 8, 2016, at Jess’s parent’s house.  Sarah was on the floor looking for something in her purse and Jess asked her to turn around.  She was trying to finish what she was doing and kept ignoring Jess, until he finally yelled, “Hey”. Sarah then turned around and found Jess on one knee with a ring box asking, “Sarah will you Marry Me?” FAVORITE WEDDING MEMORIES: Jess and Sarah said that their favorite wedding memory was their first look, when they got to see each other for the first time.  Their first look was the only time on their wedding day where they were able to talk to just one another and take in and focus on what the day was all about.  FIRST DANCE SONG: Me and You by Kenny Chesney ADVICE FOR FUTURE COUPLES DURING WEDDING PLANNING: Remember that the goal and purpose of the day is to say “I Do” to one another.   Issues will come up and items will not go as planned, however there is no need to worry if they have no affect on the goal and purpose.