Berne, IN Wedding – Kyle and Loree

This wedding was such an exciting day for everyone. Kyle and Loree are a riot together and all who know them love them dearly.  They laugh all of the time! It has been so much fun capturing those candid, laughable moments for them. And of course, the precious ones too… like when Kyle saw Loree for the first time on wedding day. It was one of the sweetest first looks ever!

Loree’s dress and veil were gorgeous.  The flowers were the perfect palate for November and were so fragrant. The décor in the church and at Romer’s was so classy and elegant.  It was such an easy wedding to capture with all of the pretty things!  But easier yet because they are my friends and I loved being part of their day in this way.

Kyle and Loree, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me as your photographer. I loved every moment of your wedding day.

Enjoy the highlights of what is to come.

Much love,


MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Kyle and Loree WEDDING DATE: November 5, 2016 LOCATION: First Mennonite Church, Berne, IN and Romer’s Catering, Celina, OH HOW THEY MET: Kyle and Loree have known each other since high school. They became friends their freshmen year. ENGAGEMENT: April 2, 2016.  They had gone out to a romantic dinner together and then went back to his house.  Kyle made Loree a book about their love story and he gave it to Loree at that time.  The end of the book said that he didn’t want their love story to end and he asked Loree to marry him. FAVORITE WEDDING MEMORIES: Loree putting Kyle’s ring on the wrong hand; seeing family that they hadn’t seen in a long time and their first dance together were their favorite memories. FIRST DANCE SONG: From the Ground Up by Dan and Shay, with a remix in the middle so they could do a fun break-out dance. HONEYMOON: Cancun, MX. ADVICE FOR FUTURE BRIDES AND GROOMS: Don’t stress the small stuff.  Enjoy every minute of the day!





DJ -Jake Amstutz

Cake: Rachel Weber

Dance Instructor: Mackenzie Billington from Swiss City Dance

Florist: Patty Sullivan, St. Mary’s, OH