Berne IN Wedding – Sam and Lindsey

This wedding was special in every way.  No storm cloud, monsoon storm or gale force winds could stop it.  When brides and grooms plan for an outdoor wedding it is always a good idea to have a Plan B.  For this wedding Plan B was put into motion.  Family and friends pulled together and created a dream wedding scene for Sam and Lindsey.  After the day was over Lindsey told me that it wasn’t as she had envisioned… it was BETTER than she had envisioned.

Sam and Lindsey are a sweet couple. I know them pretty well. 😉 We have shared many memories together over the years.  Lindsey is my cousin’s daughter but really she seems more like a niece to me.   As I watched Lindsey dance with some of the littles at the reception I had a flash back of my own wedding where I danced with Lindsey when she was just a kiddo.  Talk about a full circle moment.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Amstutz, for having me as your photographer.  It was so meaningful to photograph your wedding day since I photographed the day your love story began at prom!

Enjoy this preview of what is to come.

Much, much love,


MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Sam and Lindsey WEDDING DATE: June 27, 2015  LOCATION: The Amstutz Residence HOW THEY MET:  Sam and Lindsey met in elementary school. He was smitten with her at first glance.  In high school they officially became a couple when they went to prom together.  ENGAGEMENT:   4-20-14 The proposal happened during a hispanic tradtion called cascarones. Cascarones are eggs that have been emptied out and cleaned, leaving only the egg shell fully intact.  It is then filled with confetti and glitter.  The eggs are then smashed  on peoples heads.   On that day the last egg was saved for the person you love. And of course Lindsey smashed hers on Sam.   At first she didn’t notice anything unusual about the confetti that came out, but then as she looked a little closer and about a dozen fake solitaire rings had fallen out.  Before she knew it, Sam was down on one knee and he said “Lindsey, I love you, you are my very best friend and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Through tears and laughter she said Yes!” FAVORITE WEDDING MEMORY:    Lindsey’s favorite wedding memory was walking down the aisle. That’s the moment it all felt “real”.  As a girl when she went to weddings with her family, she always imagined what that moment would feel like. Hanging on her dad’s arm, wearing a beautiful dress, walking towards the man she had prayed for her whole life. Lindsey said that that feeling was so surreal and more than she could have dreamed.  She was crying. Sam was crying. Her dad was crying. It was the most beautiful moment of her life so far.  SOMETHING OLD, NEW, BORROWED AND BLUE: Old & borrowed: Lindsey’s grandpa and grandma Graber’s old bible was used in place of a ring bearer pillow. New: Wedding dress, shoes and jewelry. Blue: Lindsey’s 6 friends from Bethel College each wore something blue to be my something blue. FIRST DANCE SONG:  Forever Like That by Ben Rector  HONEYMOON: playa del Carmen, Mexico