Bradley – Class of 2015

We’re in the swing of the Class of 2015 senior shoots.  Bradley is just like a lot of guys and by a lot I mean 99% of them.  He didn’t really want senior photos taken, he wasn’t looking forward to it at all and was glad when I said those magic words, “it’s a wrap.”  We met out at his family’s property for his senior photo shoot. It was truly the perfect place for them.  It just so happens that I have a lot of personal memories there too.  His mom and I did a lot of reminiscing in between Brad’s clothing changes and also during the shooting process.  Good times!

I was so happy to have taken Brad’s photos because I’ve known him his entire life.  It was fun to be out at the farm again and to get to see him at the beginning of his senior year.  Congratulations Bradley.  I hope your senior year is a blast!

~ Amy