Cage – Newborn

This family is super special to me.  Where do I start?  Cage was a surprise addition to the Reynolds family.   Last year they welcomed baby Callie into their family.  However, her life on earth was not meant to be a long one. She quickly joined the angels leaving a hole in her family’s hearts.  It wasn’t long after that Cage was on his way.  Cage made his entrance into the world a year and a week after Callie was born.  He is precious in every way and looks so much like his sister.  Big brothers Cooper and Cash love him! One thing that I love is that while Callie was only with them for a very short time, she is still part of the family and the boys know that Callie is in Heaven.  Cage will always know his sister too and because of how important her memory is to the family we incorporated this sibling of four grouping.  Each of the boys have on a Superman shirt.  Callie’s pink one didn’t arrive in time for the photo session so they borrowed a red one with a sparkly S for Callie.

After the sibling photos Cage was the star of the session. He was so stinking perfect the whole time.  He is a sweet boy and I look forward to many more Cage snuggles in years to come.

Ronnie and Ashley, thank you for sharing your family with me.

Much love to you!