Cheeky Lime Camera Bag Interview

Good Morning. This morning I have something really fun to share with you. At least I think it’s fun information to share.   As you are aware I love my cute and practical camera bags.  Several years ago I couldn’t stomach having a generic black bag so… I spiced my collection up. Last Fall I purchased the above camera bag.  If you’ve been in my studio you know that it matches my office perfectly.  (True Story).

The bag is from a company called Cheeky Lime.  This is the Classic bag in Teal. I love this bag and get compliments on it often.  Yes, it’s a real camera bag and not a purse that I’ve re-purposed…because we know that I love re-purposing things.

Last week I received an email from Cheeky Lime asking me if I would be a featured photographer on their blog. What?  I went to the Cheeky Lime Face Book page (of which I am a fan) and saw that they have 24,325 followers.  The fact that I was chosen was  … well… I was shocked.

Of course I said yes!  So here it is.  An interview with your photographer.  If you’ve ever wondered what’s in my camera bag or what I love shooting the most you can find out in the interview.

Thank you Cheeky Lime. I am honored to carry your bag and to share a little bit about my studio with you.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Love to all,