Tom and Ashley – Engaged

When I got the email from Ashley asking if I would be available to photograph her wedding next Spring I was really happy!  I knew that it would be a beautiful wedding based on locations alone.   But when she asked if I would be willing to come to Chicago to photograph she and Tom’s engagement session I was immediately in my happy place.  There are some things that just fall into place easily and this was it.   We set the date, chose locations and met up downtown Chicago 3 weeks ago.  It all fell into place perfectly.

Tom and Ashley are such a good match!  They were such great hosts to myself and my friend Amy B., who assisted that day.  I loved being in the city that they call home. We were able to use Tom’s workplace as our home-base.  Now let me tell you, this isn’t just any office view.  Tom works in hospitality at The Langham Hotel and when we got off the elevator on his floor I nearly gasped at how beautiful it was. The decor and view were stunning.  We enjoyed a glass of wine there and relaxed for a few minutes before starting round two of the engagement session.

Another really fun moment during the day that had nothing to do with photos was when we ran into one of Ashley’s bridesmaids.  In a small town you can run into friends multiple times a day and it’s just common. But in the city the size of Chicago when you bump into a friend it’s really not common at all. It was so much fun meeting a member of the wedding party that day.

Truly this engagement session was one of my favorites.  Tom and Ashley interact great together. They love to laugh and enjoy one another.

All to soon the day ended. Tom and Ashley went home to their brand new puppy.  Ashley had called an Uber for Amy and I and we all went our separate ways for the evening.  It was such a terrific day in one of my favorite cities.

Thank you so much Tom and Ashley.  Your kindness and hospitality were much appreciated. I can’t wait to celebrate with you on your wedding day next Spring.

Enjoy these highlights.

~ Amy