Class of 2016 – Beka

This has by far been the busiest October of my career. I am diligently working to get everyone posted.  This morning I have a few seniors coming down the pipeline.  First, it’s time for Beka. We had a ball during her session.  Beka wanted more of a city feel to her session so we headed to Fort Wayne. It was such a perfect Fall day.  Her outfits were super cute and she was allowed me to take her to a few fun spots that were new to her.  Toward the end of the session we started losing light quicker than it showed on the sunrise/sunset calendar. When I suggested some night shots she was game. So we headed to a place that I would NEVER go to alone after dark and got some beautiful images.  Safety in numbers. 😉

Thank you Mary and Beka. I enjoyed our time together!  Here are some highlights for you.

~ Amy