Class of 2016 – Jaci

Today is the first day of school here in our community.  That means that it is the last, first day of school for this lovely lady.  Jaci and I met for her senior photos two weeks ago.  She has been able to view a couple of sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook but this is the official highlight reel.  As I mentioned yesterday, this season has been incredibly busy… thus putting edits behind schedule. I have had so many beautiful, senior faces behind my lens and it’s been so terrific.

Jaci is a pianist and it was so important to her to incorporate her love of piano into her session. We had a ball creating those together.  I have known who Jaci is for a few years but never actually had a conversation with her.  After her photo shoot I realized why she is so well liked. She truly has a shining spirit and I loved getting to know her.

Thank you Jaci and Tiffany. It was such a fun evening. Your proof book is in process. Meantime enjoy these highlights.

Have a GREAT senior year.