Class of 2016 – Megan

This is a fair warning, today is going to be a HEAVY senior post day.  Today my mail-lady said that I must have taken the month off because I haven’t been in the studio.  Quite the opposite, I definitely have not taken time off. I just haven’t been inside the studio shooting.

This is Megan. When I first moved to Berne she was my next door neighbor and was 3 years old.  WHAT in the world happened? Now, Megan is a senior which is really hard to believe.  A couple of times I shared the back of the camera with Megan and mom, Jolene. There were tears… bittersweet tears.  As a parent, I get it.  Time flies!

Megan, your senior year will fly by too. Enjoy every moment of it.

Here are a few highlights for you.