Class of 2016 – Noah

If I was having a throwback moment I could dig out some old photos of this senior.  Noah has been in front of my camera for years.  When I saw him for senior photos I couldn’t believe what a grown up he had become in such a short time.  Noah is a musician. He eats, sleeps and breaths metal.  He loves it.  We incorporated that passion into his senior session. I wish someone could have video taped (ok not really) the process of the photos with the speakers.  There was a lot of staging for these photos. Looking at them you would never know. Sometimes the behind the scenes actions are comical!

We had a super evening together. One of my favorite moments was when Noah took us back into his woods. There is an old car there that was owned by his great-grandfather.  No one knows how it got there or why it’s there. But, the car has been there for SO many years that trees have grown between the bumper and the chassis. It’s old!  If only those wheels could speak!

Noah, it was was a fun night with you. It’s been a joy to watch you grow up into the young man you are.  Congratulations on your senior year.

Here are a few highlights for you.