Class of 2016 – Saedie

I can’t believe this lovely girl is a senior. I have loved having Saedie and her 2 sisters in front of my camera lens for several years. Now Saedie is so grown up and is a lovely soul.  Really, she is a deep thinker and is so precious.  Her aspirations are high… and I know without a doubt this achiever will see her dreams come true,  because that is just how Saedie rolls.

We had a ball during her senior photo shoot last week.  We took a few minutes to work in some sister photos as well. We had to be quick as we were racing against the light but in just a few shots these sisters gave me a perfect reflection of their sister bond. I’ll share a few of those at the end here.

Thank you, Saedie. You are a gem.  Enjoy this highlight reel.

~ Amy