Class of 2017 Senior Representative – Fatima

Today is the first day of school in our school district. It’s the perfect time to introduce to you my Class of 2017 Senior Representative, Fatima.  This senior is UBER talented and is an absolute ray of sunshine.

We had such a fun morning during her photo session. Fatima has the sweetest smile and personality and needless to say she was a delight to photograph.

Fatima has cards to hand out to her peers which will offer a discount to the card-bearer.  If you know Fatima please hit her up for a card.

I can’t say enough about this girl. It is a joy to have someone so well liked and bubbly to represent Amy’s Photography for the Class of 2017.

Enjoy this highlight reel of Fatima’s senior session.

And if you are currently a senior, now is the time to get on the books.

Cheers to the Class of 2017.