Class of 2018 – Garrett

It seems that I have a lot of senior sessions in the hopper to share with you.  Garrett has his full gallery in hand, but I wanted to be able to share some of my favorites from his session here with you.  Now, I know that he doesn’t look super smiley in these photos, but he does smile and has a great smile. But he can pull off the serious photo face so well!  I love it when people do the serious face well… and he does! (Me, forget it, I can’t do it.)

One request that Garrett had was to have photos with his dog.  We were able to capture some fun moments between the two of them.  After that we headed to the high school to finish the session. I am a Jay County graduate and love being back on campus. It’s always so great to see the Patriot on the side of the building!

It was a terrific start to a full day of sessions.  Thank you Garrett and mom, Tina!

Enjoy these highlights.