Class of 2018 – Madi

Right before school started, Madi, her mom and I met up for senior photos.  The location was a very special one.  We went to Madi’s great-grandparents homestead.  The property was quiet as a mouse.  We wandered inside the house, which was just like grandma had left it.  The very colorful and mismatched wall-paper, the shag carpet and the smell of an old house.  I had two thoughts. Number One – “If These Walls Could Speak” what would they say. The love, the memories, the meals the laughter. Just imagine!  Then the second thought was, “What would Chip and Joanna Gaines do to this house?”  But in reality, it was perfect just the way it was.

We decided to start photos upstairs in a teeny tiny hallway decorated with floral wallpaper.  As Madi and I worked on photos, her mom Toni uncovered sweet memories of her childhood in the home.  It was super nostalgic and it wasn’t even my nostalgia!

After that round of photos we meandered around the property with the barns, corn crib, tall wild flowers and even the creek.  Toni took a photo of Madi and I once we got down to the water. BELIEVE me, it was an adventure getting to the place to take those photos. 🙂

Enjoy this sneak peek Madi. I enjoyed every minute of our session together.