Berne, IN Wedding – Colton and Kelly

Where do I start with this wedding?  It was the most beautiful day in every way possible.  I’ll state the obvious first…the Fall day was perfection.  I am certain that whenever a bride dreams of a Fall wedding that this day is exactly what they envision.   Aside from the beauty of the day the LOVE of the couple was a photographers dream to behold.  Colton and Kelly are really easy to photograph – I realized that the minute I started their engagement session this summer.  But it’s not just that they’re so adorable to look at, they are adorable with one another.  Their love for each other and God spills over into every look, every moment and every photo.

Colton and Kelly opted for a first look. We did it in the very parking space where they first met.  Colton beamed as he saw his beautiful bride.  The look on his face was priceless.

Kelly’s dress and her veil were absolutely breathtaking.  It was a little breezy the day of the wedding. The way her dress and veil flowed with the wind was beautiful.

Colton and Kelly went to South Haven, MI for their honeymoon. If you’ve visited this blog before you may know that South Haven is our home away from home.  It was fun to be able to share some places with them to visit while they were there.  South Haven is close by and is just a perfect spot for a honeymoon.

Thank you so much Colton and Kelly.  I adore you both so much.

Here are a few wedding highlights for you.

Much love,


Meet the Newlyweds: Colton and Kelly
Wedding Date: October 11, 2014
Location:  Berne Evangelical Church – Berne, IN

How they met: Colton and Kelly met in April of 2013. Breona (Colton’s sister-in-law) said that whenever she thought of Kelly, she thought of Colton too and that they would be cute together.  Colton added Kelly on Facebook; and a week later, they met in person to play volleyball.

Colton and Kelly got engaged on December 21, 2013. As they were getting ready to have devotions. Colton told her to look at the passage he had turned to. She was comfortable and laying down, so she asked him to read it to her. After he had asked  2-3 times, she finally sat up and saw a sparkly ring in the page of 1 Corinthians 13. Needless to say she sat up quickly and was pumped that he was finally asking the question!Favorite wedding memories: They loved the ceremony. Hearing For King & Country’s “This is Love” play at the beginning gave Colton and Kelly butterflies. First communion as husband and wife was beautiful too. And The City Harmonic’s “Holy (Wedding Day)” set the mood and their hearts for the whole day. They both loved just standing there up on stage with each other, taking it all in.