Fort Wayne, IN Wedding – Dan & Myranda

This wedding… this wedding.  It was a team effort and I was more than happy to be part of the team.  Dan and Myranda’s wedding was scheduled to be held at Lakeside Park in Fort Wayne (aka The Rose Garden).  This is a gorgeous venue. Clouds are always welcome at this venue as it is out in the open.  Clouds are one thing. A monsoon is another.  As Myranda and her bridesmaids got ready at Dan’s mom’s house I kept my eye on a nearby computer and assessed the radar.  It didn’t look good.  While Myranda got ready it rained and rained. Finally there was a break and we headed over to the Rose Garden. Myranda and two bridesmaids rode with me. It’s not everyday that I get to transport the bride.

Upon our arrival at Lakeside Park it was simply pouring. There was no way at all to even attempt photos at that moment.  We sat in the car, watching the radar and hoping for just a window of opportunity to get out.  Finally there was a tiny clear spot on the radar and I do mean tiny. We hopped out of the car and took a few photos.  The break in weather only lasted a few short minutes.  Maid of honor, Trista, was thinking ahead and stopped at Target to buy some really cute bubble umbrella’s for the bride and bridesmaids.  We used those for a few photos and then had to get back under cover.  While I am mentioning  the ladies I have to mention Dan’s sister Allison.  She worked her tail off making sure everything was just perfect for Dan and Myranda and to boot it was her birthday!  Kudos to the birthday girl.                 .

Dan and Myranda hadn’t planned to do a first look.  But the day got a little nuts and they accidentally saw each other.  Not every couple would take that in stride but thus far the weather had put a kink the scheduling.  Fortunately the pavilion was made available to Dan and Myranda.  The groomsmen pitched in and moved tables and created an aisle out of the chairs with the fireplace as the backdrop.  We really had to think Plan B at that point.  We used the time wisely and took all of the family photos ahead of the wedding in front of the fireplace.  It truly made a pretty look for those family portraits.  If only I had a photo of what was happening behind me during those photos.  Teamwork!

FINALLY… there was a break in the rain.   It was like a gift from the Heavens.  And believe it or not we were still running on schedule, we just had to adjust the photo order for the day.  Guests soon started arriving and Dan and Myranda were married outside at the Rose Garden just as planned. After the ceremony we had another shower coming so we (the wedding party, bride, groom and myself) worked quickly to get all of the ‘after’ photos done just in time for their trolley ride to the reception.  Everyone was  terrific and so much fun!

Like I mentioned this was a team effort.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen were the cream of the crop.  They couldn’t have made this day better for D&M.  I could hug them all for their efforts.

So now, I bring you a great wedding.  Dan and Myranda, I adore you guys.  It was a joy to spend your wedding day with you, your friends and families.

Much love,


Meet the Newlyweds:  Dan and Myranda
Wedding Date: June 28, 2014
Ceremony Location: Lakeside Park – Fort Wayne, IN
Reception: Expectations Event Center – Markle, IN

How they met: Dan and Myranda met in 2009 via mutual friends.
Engagement: August 25, 2012 – Dan proposed at one of their favorite restaurants, The Italian Connection.  Myranda  he acted weird the whole time and had a feeling it was coming.

Favorite Wedding Memories:  The bride and groom loved seeing their family and friends have such a wonderful time.First Dance Song: Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé’s “Until the End of Time.”
Honeymoon: Riviera Maya, Mexico

All the best to Dan and Myranda.  Without a doubt they have a happy life ahead. <3