Winchester, IN Wedding – Derek and Holly

Good Morning and Happy Wedding Post Day.  I sometimes wonder what people would think if they watched me as I edit.  I am sure that sometimes I have the typical ‘resting face’ as most do when they’re concentrating. But throughout the edits of this wedding I know I smiled a lot. What a gorgeous wedding day.  Derek and Holly were married at the very place where we did their engagement shoot in January.  It was a VERY different day from the e-session indeed.

I told Derek’s mom, Chris, that the view of the wedding ceremony from the back was so perfect that it almost seemed like a movie set.   The joy was big, the scenery and lighting were nothing short of perfect.

Holly’s dress was a stunner.  I knew it would be when she said she had gotten it at Rose Gate Bridal in Winchester.  I couldn’t wait to see it.  The wedding itself was small – just family. Later in the evening the friends arrived to celebrate with the newlyweds. It was such a relaxed and special day.

Thank you Derek and Holly. I know you have a happy life ahead. I wish you all the goodness in the world.




Meet the Newlyweds: Derek and Holly
Wedding Date: August 2, 2014
Location: The Anderson Family Farm

How they met: Derek and Holly met quite a few years ago when he was making a work visit at her parents farm. They started dating in 2012 and got engaged 1 year to the day later. Derek had a big romantic plan for the engagement but it was pouring down rain (tsunami like!), so they were at Holly’s home in Winchester instead. Derek was acting ‘off’ all afternoon and was following Holly around like a lost puppy.     He carried in some flowers and the card read ‘forever sounds good to me…’ Then he wrapped Holly in a giant bear hug in the kitchen and slid the ring in front of her on the counter. He was soo nervous he forgot to ask her. So Holly told him he had to ask before she would give him an answer. He asked and she said yes.Their favorite wedding memory was  having all of their family with them. But the best memory was Derek’s children during the ceremony. They provided a special part & shared with them and the crowd some very touching words that never be forgotten. Not a dry eye out there!  (Cascade bouquets are back ladies.  The Flower Nook did a beautiful job on Derek and Holly’s wedding flowers.)Honeymoon location: Cape Cod, MA. “It was so beautiful and we had never been to the northeast before. Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard is definitely something to see.”First Dance Song: I Don’t Dance by Lee BriceVendors: The Flower Nook, Rose Gate Bridal, Concannons Bakery