Derek and Holly – Engaged

Good Morning. Happy Friday. We made it through another very snowy week here in Indiana.  I do love snow and snow pictures, but there is an element of it’s just too cold to go outside that I think we all felt the night of these pictures. BUT… we wanted snow the day of the scheduled shoot and the skies delivered!

When I met with Holly and her mom for her bridal consultation she spotted the photo of Jeff and Stefanie on my wall and wanted to do a Winter engagement shoot, inspired by that photo. Knowing that you just never know what a day will bring we picked a random day on the calendar and hoped that we would have snow when the day arrived.  Snow…. yes, we had snow. And A LOT of it.  We started the shoot with Derek’s 3 kiddos. We didn’t keep them outside long at all.  Then they left and Derek, Holly and I proceeded. We went inside a warm building every few minutes to warm up and to also warm up my camera.

We waited for it to get dark outside so we could do the night-time photos.  As I loaded the photos onto my computer I couldn’t believe how much it was snowing the minute we took the photos. It wasn’t flurries that’s for sure.

As we left the night we had several inches of snow to drive home in. I prayed all the way home that I wouldn’t slide off.  Derek and Holly made it home safe too. Regardless of the cold and the roads – the shoot was totally worth it.

Thank you Holly, Derek and kiddos for braving it.  I am looking forward to your summer wedding.

Have a blessed day.

~ Amy