Derk, Lisa and Owen

It was so much fun visiting this sweet family last week.  Derk and Lisa have been clients of mine for several years and have made the trek to Berne the last couple of times they have had photos taken. This time I headed to their neck of the woods in West Alexandria, OH.   It was such a pretty drive and great to see their home and their dog.  Buford has been part of their family from day one.  Buford isn’t just any dog though – he is a Great Dane.  Knowing that, his size still didn’t register with me.  Then I met him.  Whoa!  I am 5’1″ so when Buford stood beside me he came to my shoulders.  Even though he is a big guy he was a gentle giant. Derk, Lisa and Owen love him and since he is getting up there in age they really wanted some photos with him.  As a dog owner I can completely understand that.

Derk, Lisa and Owen, as always it was so great to see you guys.  Here are some highlights for you.

~ Amy