Selma, IN Wedding – Dillon and Alisha

Dillon and Alisha are just winding up their time away on their honeymoon in San Diego.  Their wedding was such a joyful day.  True joy… all day.  Their faces in their photos reflect that perfectly.  As I went through each image to share I smiled over and over remembering the moments of their wedding day.

Alisha was a gorgeous bride and her dress was a stunner.  She and Dillon have dated for many years and when their wedding day arrived they couldn’t have been happier to start their married life. They both beamed from ear to ear the entire day.

There were so many little elements that made their wedding day their own.  Dillon is a musician and instead of a guest book they had records for people to sign.  Their cake topper was made (with love) by Alisha’s mom, Brenda.  It was so adorable!  The flowers were fabric and were handmade by Alisha.  They had the perfect vintage look to them.

Their wedding and reception took place in Selma, IN at a hidden, little gem called Cardinal Hills Ballroom.  We had the luxury of having great landscape to work with for photos.  But there was one element that was just crazy……….. 20mph winds!   Alisha and Dillon both agreed that they would regret it if they didn’t go outside on such a beautiful, Fall day.  I agreed with them.   Every time we walked outside I heard people behind me say, “it’s really not that bad out.”  And under my breath I would day, “just wait until you turn the corner.”  Then when they walked around the corner I heard WHOA it is windy.  I can’t count how many times that happened as I took different groups outside for pics.

I really wish Alisha had another sister so I could work with her family again. I have photographed both her and her sister, Ashley’s weddings.  I could adopt their sweet grandma as well.  Their family was terrific as was Dillon’s.  It was so much fun I wish we could do it all again. But since we can’t…… we remember with photos.

Thank you Dillon and Alisha. Here is a big cyber hug and some wedding highlights for you.

Much love,


Meet the Newlyweds: Dillon and Alisha
Wedding Date: November 1, 2014

Location: Cardinal Hills Ballroom – Selma, IN

How they met: Dillon and Alisha met in high school in 2005 during band practice.  Dillon started giving her high fives during between practices. She was a freshman and Dillon was a sophomore.  Their friendship and interest grew from there.
Engagement: On 11/11/11 Dillon and Alisha went to Ihop for breakfast. It was a Friday, so Dillon was going to drop her off at school after breakfast. When they left the Ihop parking lot, Dillon drove into a different direction, and told Alisha, “Don’t freak out, but you’re not going to school today.” He had emailed Alisha’s professors prior to kidnapping her to let them know that she wouldn’t be in school that day.  🙂  He didn’t tell her where they were going, and she didn’t know until they hit the Ohio border. They had been wanting to visit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland for a while, and that is where they were heading. During the drive, she jokingly asked him if he forgot the ring at home!  He proposed in front of the Pink Floyd exhibit.

Alisha’s favorite wedding memory was pointing out to Dillon the ring she had placed on his finger during the ceremony. She pointed it out after the ceremony because he hadn’t noticed it during the service. He was so excited to have the ring that he truly wanted and didn’t know he was getting! Dillon is always the one with surprises, so she was happy to have a surprise for him! Below you will see the rings.  He thought he was getting the one in the middle.  But instead Alisha gave him the one on the right.  It has guitar strings embedded in it.  Ashley and Alisha are often mistaken for twins. Even though they aren’t twins they share the sweetest sisterhood. It was precious to watch.Their first dance song was Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. It’s not a love song, but it’s their song and has special meaning to the couple. They used to text each other “wish you were here” when they weren’t together. This is why he proposed in front of the Pink Floyd exhibit at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.