Eric Paslay, Craig Campbell, Josh Thompson ~ In Concert

Those who know me personally know that I enjoy country music!  To have the chance to photograph concerts at the Mercer County Fair each year is such a blast!  This year the concert was advertised as the Trifecta of Country Music. Three artist, approximately three hours… and a trio of fun.  Josh Thompson, Craig Campbell and Eric Paslay were terrific in concert. I’ll be honest… Eric Paslay was my favorite. My son has already accused me of wearing my Eric Paslay concert t-shirt too much.  Guilty as charged!

The backstage atmosphere was a lot of fun as well. To be able to capture the 3 artists together, casually talking with each other was a fun moment.  And I’ve got to say that it was so much fun meeting Eric Paslay’s wife, Natalie Harker.  She was so precious. I didn’t know that she was his wife until I asked how she fit into the mix.  They are adorable! One of my favorite, non-concert, moments was sitting with Natalie after the show and looking at her wedding photos on her phone. 🙂  Eric and Natalie are newlyweds.  Their wedding was featured in People magazine.  Being that I am a wedding photographer, I thoroughly enjoyed that time.  (Her phone photos were ones that friends sent.  Because of the wedding being published in People, she didn’t have access to the professional ones at that time.)

Events are such a blast to be part of. Seeing emotion and reaction are one of the most exciting parts of photographing the concerts each year.  I will say that the crowd at the Mercer County fair is always very welcoming and show up for a great time.

All three artists were gracious and you could tell that they were enjoying the crowd just as much as the crowd enjoyed them.

Thank you Cara and Mercer County Fair staff for having me back each year.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Enjoy a few highlights of the concert below.