Ethan and Kinsey – Engaged

I was so very happy for Kinsey when she emailed me saying that she was engaged. Kinsey and I go back a few years. Not only did I photograph her senior photos, but she and I have had the chance to work together several times.  Kins does a great job of wedding video and we have been side by side at many weddings.  We are a great team, by the way!  Now…………Kinsey is the bride and Ethan is the lucky, lucky groom.

We had so much fun during their engagement session.  We headed to downtown Greenwood for the most of the photos. There happened to be a festival going on downtown so we were shooting among lots of traffic, music and pedestrians.  It was comical how many times we had to pause bc the music was so loud (and it was so good) that they couldn’t hear my instructions from a few feet away.  But looking at the photos you would never know that we were about to be photo-bombed every 5 minutes. 🙂

At the end of the session I headed back to their house for a glass of freshly made Apple Cider and then headed home to Berne.

It was a great night for sure!  Thank you, Ethan and Kinsey. I can’t wait until wedding day!