Fort Wayne IN Wedding – Jon and Sarah

This wedding was such a perfect day.  Not many brides and grooms can pull off a spontaneous wedding but these two were just ready to be man and wife.  They didn’t want all of the pomp and circumstance, they just wanted their vows and each other.  Jon and Sarah were married on the last Saturday of August. Imagine my excitement when Sarah called less than a week before her wedding and I just happened to be open. We were equally as thrilled.   We hashed over the details on the phone and then met for the first time the morning of the wedding.

Jon and Sarah were married in a little church called Prairie Grove Chapel. It is a tiny little place in Fort Wayne with an adjacent cemetery.  Sarah has been to mortuary school and wanted the symbolism of an old church and cemetery. Believe it or not, she wasn’t the first bride to want this concept… Til Death do us Part.

There were just 4 guests at the wedding.  Sarah’s mom and aunt were present as were Jon’s parents.  The pastor and myself were the only others there.  It felt right.  It felt sacred.  It was perfect!

Jon and Sarah, I am truly happy for you!  Thank you for including me on this special day.  It was so beautiful to be part of.  Your photo shoot was such a blast and was so relaxed!  Enjoy the highlights below.

Much love,


MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Jon and Sarah WEDDING DATE: August 29, 2015 LOCATION: Prairie Grove Chapel, Fort Wayne, IN HOW THEY MET: Jon and Sarah met in 2006 when they were sophomores at Purdue. They worked together at a community center in an after-school program for at risk youth. She had a big crush on Jon. At staff meetings they were required to sign in and after his name she would write “<3’s Sarah Elliott.” They worked together for a year before he asked her out. The day after they went on their first date Sarah called home and told her family that he was the man she was going to marry. ENGAGEMENT: This year Jon and Sarah were both asked to stand up with friends who had gotten married. They got swept up in the romanticism and decided together that they too should get married. Jon got down on one knee in a photo booth at one of the weddings and proposed to Sarah with his key ring, because he didn’t have a ring to give her yet. Later Sarah received her precious uncut diamond. FAVORITE WEDDING MEMORIES:  Sarah was giddy the entire day. She said that it was easy and stress free.  The ceremony was Sarah’s favorite part. She loved the chapel and the traditional vows. Sarah said that it warms her heart remembering Jon’s forehead beading with sweat and wiping it off. She laughs as she thinks about not knowing which hand was Jon’s left. In her words, “it was perfect.” SOMETHING OLD, NEW, BORROWED AND BLUE.  Sarah didn’t do the entire “something old, new, borrowed, and blue” tradition but she did wear her grandmother’s pearl necklace that she wore to her wedding and then Sarah’s mom wore it the day she married her dad. She was excited and eager to keep that tradition alive. RECEPTION: The bride and groom shared a special lunch at Club Soda in Fort Wayne to celebrate their marriage.