Frye Family Band

This post has been a while in the making.  Just days after Christmas, the Frye Family Band and I met in Fort Wayne for a photo shoot.  Since I recently re-branded, I felt their readiness to start something new.  This photo-shoot was one of the many aspects of their brand new look.  Just last week the new Frye Family Band website was launched. I encourage you to check it out here!

I have shared many photos of the band in the past, but this by far was my favorite shoot with them.  It was hours in the making, getting each grouping just right.   Tom and his family have a passion for the Lord and for reaching people through the gift of music.  He is gifted singer-songwriter, as are his children, Kaylyn, Maggie and Jonathon.

Three years ago Kaylyn (the eldest of the Frye siblings) headed to Nashville for college.  A year later Maggie, left the US and studied at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia.  With the ladies being out of reach for several shows, there was a need to fill the gap. Along came Eric Reynolds who not only filled the gap during that time, but also continues to be an important part of the band.

Behind the scenes is Tom’s wife, Lisa. She is their biggest cheerleader and support system.  Lisa truly is such a vital part of what happens with the Frye Family Band.  She is often found manning the Compassion International table during concerts and keeping things organized for the band.

To see what their newest music project is about go HERE!  I love the interview with Tom and the details of the ministry!

Much love to the Frye Family Band!

~ Amy (Aunt Amy to Kaylyn, Maggie and Jonathon, Sister/in-law to Tom and Lisa, and Friend to Eric)