Gavin and Jenna

It was exactly a week ago today that we shot this brother sister duo.   It’s hard to believe that we were sitting on the ground a couple of times during this shoot.  Reason being, today we have a ton of snow, no school and a mere 8 degrees as I type.  What a difference a few days makes.

Jenna and Gavin are fun kids. My camera has watched them grow up. Photographing them together is a similar process as photographing my own two children together. 😉  We shot this session on their family property. They are in the process of moving and their new place is so neat!  It’s peaceful and scenic.  Truly a beautiful place to photograph!  Gavin found a tree that looked like the palm of a hand with fingers.  It’s a great climbing tree I am certain.  Jenna was drawn to the yellow bike at the entrance of the new house.  Lots of options at their new place.  It was a fun afternoon.

Thank you Chad and Tera for always having me capture your kids.  I appreciate you and enjoy your kids so much.

Here are a few highlights.