Holly and Landon – Engagement

If there was ever a perfect evening for an engagement session it was the night we did Landon and Holly’s session. Well the second night we did it.  This sweet couple became engaged in Spring and immediately Holly and I both thought it would be gorgeous to get the Spring Blooms as a part of their session. The idea of it was perfect, the night of it…. not so much.  We were FREEZING and the wind was going crazy as it always does in Spring. We decided after about 30 minutes that it was ridiculous to keep going and rescheduled for Summer. Now that  was the perfect idea!

We were given the most gorgeous evening for their session at the lake.  I have had Holly in front of my camera many times over the years and to say she is photogenic is an understatement.  She and Landon make a beautiful couple and I know that they are equally as excited to share the journey of marriage.

Thank you Landon and Holly!