Huntington, IN Wedding – Jamon and Lindsay

This wedding was my last of 2016.  Each year I am always a little sad when I walk out the door of my last wedding of the year. Jamon and Lindsay were the perfect couple to cap my 2016 weddings with.  They are such a strong couple and truly have such a realistic outlook on life as a married couple!

When I first met them for their engagement session this summer, I knew for a fact that their wedding would be so special to photograph.  Jamon and Lindsay met at Huntington University, which is also where I went to college.  It’s a pretty special place. 😉  We had a great time taking photos along the Forks of the Wabash before the wedding.  After the wedding ceremony we (just the bride, groom and I) headed over to the lake for a few photos.  It was the weekend after daylight saving time, so it was dark at 5:30. But that night it was PERFECT to pull out the lighting tricks and take photos in the dark. The sky changed from blues to purples before our eyes. But the best part was the full moon. It was 2 nights before the super moon so the moon was big and bright. It shone so beautifully upon the lake.  Truly it was a gift because it allowed for some pretty special photos.

Their reception was a blast. The dance floor was moving all night long.  I love observing people, it was great watching good friends connect with each other throughout the night.  You can tell that the family and friends of Jamon and Lindsay love them deeply.  It was a blessing to watch the day unfold.

Here are some highlights of their wedding day.

Jamon and Lindsay, you know I think the world of you two. Thank you for the honor of being with you on your wedding day.  It was a JOY!

Enjoy your wedding highlights.

Much love,


MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Jamon and Lindsay WEDDING DATE: November 12, 2016 LOCATION: The Well Church, Huntington, IN and the PAL Club, Huntington, IN HOW THEY MET: Lindsay and Jamon met at Huntington University.  Jamon was a baseball player and Lindsay was a softball player. ENGAGEMENT: They got engaged on February 14th, 2016.  They agreed to get really dressed up and go to Olive Garden for dinner, but they wanted to go on a walk before dinner. Jamon showed up at Lindsay’s door in a suit with 11 red roses. They walked down to Sunken Gardens (where they first started dating), and there, on the bridge that they deemed “our bridge,” was the 12th rose and a card waiting in the snow. Lindsay was reading the card when Jamon knelt down and asked her to marry him! FAVORITE WEDDING MEMORIES:  Lindsay said that it was a three-way tie between their first look, the look Jamon gave her when she walked down the aisle with her dad, and how she and her bridesmaids colored pictures with her niece while they were waiting for our makeup to start.  FIRST DANCE SONG: Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd HONEYMOON: St. Lucia