Indiana Wedding – Bryan and Becky

The timing of this post is so perfect.  Today is Becky’s birthday and I just finished she and Bryan’s wedding gallery.

The night before the wedding I had a dream and in it I was sad because their wedding was over!  That is how much I looked forward to photographing their wedding day and how confident I was that it would be such a stunner to witness.

Becky’s dream wedding became reality for her.  She text me a photo of her dress and veil a few days before and said it was her dream dress.  That’s ALWAYS a great feeling for a bride to have.  The colors and décor were elegant, classy and timeless.  The Evergreen, velvet bridesmaid dresses and the Pine décor throughout provided such a Winter Wonderland atmosphere.  And the snowy landscape with the large Evergreen trees were thee perfect backdrop for our photos.

I have photographed many weddings over the years at Holy Trinity. I know the building and the property well.  The one piece that Bryan and Becky really wanted for their Winter wedding was SNOW!  And guess what… it snowed so beautifully the day before the wedding. It gave us such a pretty blanket of snow… and FREEEEEEZING temperatures to work with.

Which leads me to giving a HUGE shout out to the bride, groom and wedding party.  They endured the temperatures for the outside photos.  I was a Winter bride in 2000. Looking back, I so wish that I would have endured the cold and had outside photos with my husband and wedding party.  It’s so worth being cold!!  Becky and Bryan’s wedding party were the best for dealing with the cold. Especially the ladies with their bare shoulders.

There were so many special touches throughout the day that made the day feel so personal.  One thing that was so meaningful was the cake knife. It was engraved with Becky’s Grandparents names and wedding date from 1950 and also engraved with their names and January 7, 2017.

Another thing that was just the sweetest was the Maid of Honor’s toast.  Becky and Kayla have been best friends their entire lives.  Kayla had a cassette recorder and a tape available for the DJ to pipe over the sound system. It was a recording of she and Becky talking about their wedding days when they were little.  Their voices sounded so young and it was so special to hear them talk about a day that had finally arrived, yet when they were young it was just a childhood dream.

Becky and Bryan, I can’t say thanks enough for having me document your wedding day.  You truly are a special couple and I have loved working with you so much!  Enjoy the highlights of your wedding day.

With Love,