Indianapolis IN – Mark and Natalie turn 30

I’ll never forget the day that Natalie’s mom stopped during a field trip where I was in full on room-mom mode with my son.  She told me that her daughter and her boyfriend were turning 30 and they wanted a special photo shoot to commemorate it.  After finding out a few details about the pending shoot I knew that it would end up being a very classy and fun session.  Soon after it was on the books. Initially Natalie wanted to come to Berne for the session.  Being that they live in Indianapolis I knew that this session required big city buildings.  Natalie was on board.  And downtown Indy was the perfect backdrop for this session.

Monument Circle is always a bustling place and on this particular day it was no different. We worked against the November light and were able to incorporate all of the ideas that Natalie had to make she and Mark’s 30th birthdays special.  There were balloons, confetti and even their dog Brenli (who just turned 8 and had her own balloon).  Oh and there were some photo-bombers too!

Big thanks to Natalie and Mark and also Natalie’s parents for their help in making this happen.  They were the keeper of the props and the dog!

Happy Birthday Mark and Natalie. Enjoy being 30!

~ Amy