Jason and Holly – Engaged

It’s that time of year when I spend a lot of time behind my camera and less time in front of my computer.  In the dream world a photographer would take photos, go straight to their office, download them and share them with the world.  In photography – that isn’t the real world.  Blogging is something I enjoy very much.  So when it takes a little break it isn’t because I’m not working – it is because I’m working a LOT!

Engagement sessions have been plentiful the last 2 weeks.  I looooooove e-sessions!  This time I spent the evening with Jason and Holly.  Holly and I connected early this year and I soon found out that she loves photography and is actually studying it in college.   It was fun to shoot someone who didn’t just pretend to have an understanding of photography – but someone who actually did understand it.

Jason and Holly had a gorgeous evening for their photos.   Toward the end of the night we headed to Jason’s family farm for a few shots with his tractor.  It was an eerie feeling as it was sunny where we were shooting, but just a few miles over the sky was dark as night.  The thunder in the distance added and interesting element to the night.

I love the interaction between these two.  Simply put they are just sweet and kind people.  I enjoyed the night and their connection.  The wedding is next month and there is no doubt it will be a glorious celebration.

Thanks so much Jason and Holly. It is an honor to be your wedding photographer.

Have a blessed day.

~ Amy