Jeff & Stefanie – Berne, IN Wedding

It’s a wedding day post!!!!!!    I really do love Winter weddings… especially if there is snow!!  Jeff and Stefanie lucked out with the gorgeous wedding weather that they had.  Big KUDOS to the bride, groom and wedding party for enduring 15 minutes outside for photos.  Outside photos are always my favorite photos. I was so happy that even though it was freezing outside I had willing subjects.

There is so much that could be said about this wedding. God’s presence was there.  There was love, joy and tears all in one. I know that Jeff and Stefanie will have a beautiful marriage!! No doubt about that one!

I am going on record saying that I took my favorite photo to date at their wedding.  You’ll see it below.  Enjoy!

Have a blessed day. Love to all, Amy

Meet the Newlyweds: Jeff and Stefanie Wedding Date: January 5, 2013 Location: Mount Hope Church of the Nazarene – Berne, INHow they met: Jeff and Stefanie graduated from the same school and knew each other, but not personally. Stefanie had long desired to be a wife & mother & had often questioned why she remained single. Jeff had been married and tragically lost his wife to cancer in December 2011. He was blessed with two beautiful children from his previous marriage.On Easter of last year, Stefanie sent Jeff a message on Facebook just to let him know she was thinking of him and praying for his family. He responded back. The relationship progressed from frequent e-mails to phone calls. In May, he drove to Indianapolis (where Stef was living at the time), so they could meet in person. In July Stefanie moved back to Berne to stay. Throughout their relationship, they have seen God work in countless ways and have been incredibly blessed by the love and support from family and friends. They are incredibly thankful for God’s faithfulness and for the ways He has created beauty from tragedy.Engagement: Our engagement wasn’t exactly a huge surprise 🙂 One Friday night the couple went to Fort Wayne for dinner. Stefanie knew the ring had been ordered but didn’t know if it had come in yet. We went to Olive Garden for dinner and after we finished eating, he came over to my seat, got down on one knee, and asked if I would marry him. He presented me with a beautiful ring and I of course said, “Yes!”This whole series is so special. But the one on the right is the shot I referred to above. My favorite photo I have ever taken.