Joe Nichols & Angie Johnson Concert

I am so blessed to have great opportunities in my career. I don’t know how these neat things fall into my lap sometimes but I am always thrilled when they do.

Earlier this year before there were leaves on the the trees and it was still freezing here in Indiana I was talking with my dear friend Cara Muhlenkamp about the events happening at the Mercer Co. Fairgrounds in Celina, OH.  I live just a few minutes from the Ohio line so I work in Ohio a lot.  Cara and I were working together on a project for the fairgrounds and she began to tell me that Joe Nichols was going to be in concert at the fair and that Angie Johnson – from Season 2012 of the Voice would be opening for him. After a few minutes discussing it I was on board to take photos of the event. Whoooo hoooo.  It really happened just like that.

I was pumped for a couple of reasons. I LOVE event photography. It’s such a rush for me.  I also am a big country music fan. Mix the two and it created the perfect evening for me.

Enjoy the photos. Have a blessed night everyone. Love to all, Amy