Westfield, IN Wedding – Josh & Geneva Wedding

On a gorgeous September Fall day Josh and Geneva were married.  And today, I get to share my favorites of their wedding with you.

This was a wedding that I looked forward to very much.  The setting was on a private residence in Westfield, IN.   The thing that continually goes through my mind when I think about their wedding day was how much JOY was on their faces the whole day.  They smiled through their ceremony it was so beautiful to watch.

I loved the laid back feeling of the day. It was such a beautiful day and there was so much love, family and friendship in the air.  Perfection.

Thank you Josh and Geneva.  It was so great being there for you.

Have a blessed day. Love to all, Amy

Meet the Newlyweds: Josh and Geneva  Wedding date: September 28, 2013

How they met: The bride and groom met via an online dating site on August 15, 2012. Although they don’t advocate online dating it worked well for them. Sometimes they tell people that Josh got Geneva’s number after pulling her over. (He is a police officer.)Engagement: Around the beginning of 2013 Geneva began suspecting that a proposal was coming very soon. In fact, Monster Jam came to Indianapolis in January, and anyone who knows how much Josh and his boys love Monster trucks knows it would have been the logical place for a proposal to happen. The same weekend Geneva’s sister went into labor with her first child. So Geneva and her family were calling each other all that day, hoping for great news from the other! Well, Josh had in fact arranged to propose on the big screen that day, but aborted the plan for a much more private, sweet proposal on Valentine’s Day at the same Mexican restaurant where they had their first date.Favorite wedding day memory: Josh’s favorite moments of the day was seeing Geneva for the first time and later standing with Geneva, their pastor and the boys up front becoming a family. Geneva’s favorite moments of the day were having a few moments alone with Josh before being swept up into the festivities the rest of the day and later walking down the hill to the ceremony with her dad.Honeymoon: Puerto Aventuras, Mexico