Kelli – Class of 2015

The Class of 2015 has made its presence known!  Wow, it’s been a great summer meeting some of the neatest seniors.  Today I am sharing one of my South Adams Senior Reps with you – Kelli.   I have known Kelli’s family for years and have photographed both of her sisters in the past in both wedding and senior form.  She comes from a terrific family and I knew for a fact that Kelli would represent Amy’s Photography very well.  So, how does this benefit you?  Kelli has been handing out cards this summer with a free gift for you when you have your senior Class of 2015 photos taken.  If you see Kelli (or her mom, Joye) be sure and ask for a card.

I truly enjoy my senior photo sessions.  Each senior brings their own form of beautiful, their own personality and we make the memories together.  Thank you Kelli.  You are special.

Have a blessed day.