LeRoy and Wanda

I am going to be doing some major blog catch up today!  Let’s start off with my Aunt and Uncle.  You know the saying, The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes, well sometimes I feel like I lack when it comes to family posts and pictures.  So, I’m getting to it today.

These two are so special to me. My aunt and uncle (on my husband’s side) have been an inspiration to me since I met them.  They are both gifted artists in their own rights.  They are both photographers. And if you notice, you will see their sunset photos on local news channels, during the weather forecast.  In addition to photography, Uncle LeRoy is a painter.  And… an incredible one.  His gift of art has touched so many lives.  Even while fighting cancer himself, he has found ways to bring others joy through his paintings and drawings.

A few weeks ago they came to the studio for some head shots and some photos of the two of them together.  Uncle LeRoy was fortunate enough to go to Washington DC in September as part of the Honor Flight Network. As a Vietnam Veteran he was able to go reflect on the Memorial in DC.  This trip was completely arranged and funded by the organization Honor Flight Northeast Indiana.  I am so glad that he had the opportunity to go!

So now, I share with you, Wanda and LeRoy.  Love you guys!!