Madison – Class of 2015

It is really hard for me to believe I am posting Madison’s senior photos.  Taking her photos is kind of like a full circle moment in my life. Madison is my cousin and I have watched her grow up before my very eyes/lens.  In 2001  I was at a crossroad with my career. I knew in my heart that I wanted to pursue photography and say goodbye to my other career.  I had a couple of weddings under my belt and was in the ‘testing the waters’ stage of it.  Then one day I took Maddie and big sister Lindsey to the park, with some black and white film and took their photos.  When I got them developed I squealed with excitement knowing that photography was what I was passionate about and it was time to move ahead with the dream.

Madison is one of my Class of 2015 senior reps for South Adams High School.  She has cards which will give you a free item from Amy’s Photography during your senior photo shoot.  Be sure to ask her for one!   Maddie is such a fun, sweet spirited young woman.  I remember when she was a tiny tot and followed me around the dance floor at my wedding.  Now, she is practically a grown up and will soon be following her dreams after high school.

We had a BALL during her senior shoot.  I really expected no less because we always have fun together.    We lucked out big-time with the most gorgeous warm lighting from the late-evening, summer sun.  (Such a huge blessing to photographers!)

Thank you Maddie.  I love you to pieces.

Here is a sneak peek of your session.