My Bucket List

Good Afternoon!  Earlier this week on Facebook I mentioned that my husband took me to Michigan over the weekend so I could knock something off of my bucket list.

For several years our family has enjoyed the beauty and fun of a little town called South Haven, MI.  South Haven is such a special spot to us.  We are the family that loves hearing Tim Allen’s voice on the Michigan Commercial “Your trip begins at“.  When I hear that I let out a big Ahhhhhhh.  Michigan isn’t that far away from where we live in Indiana.  We call it our home away from home.  Collectively between my husband and I, we have family all over the state.  We love Michigan.

In South Haven we have made footprints in the sand.

In South Haven we have celebrated our kids’ birthdays, Easter and watched Springtime sunsets.

In South Haven I have stood at the beach alone at the crack of dawn to capture the lighthouse in the stillness of the morning.We have had many  South Haven photo shoots with our kids, nieces and nephews.

We have shared South Haven with our dear friends. We have shopped at the cute shops downtown and swam in beautiful Lake Michigan.

We have watched the sun go down on Lake Michigan in the evening.

And we have had our hearts broken in Autumn when the Lord called my Father in Law Home… while in South Haven.

Yet one thing was missing..WINTER in South Haven.

It has been on my bucket list for several years to go up when the lake was frozen.  Last weekend Toby, the kids, my mother in law and I drove up to South Haven for this very experience.  We have never seen Lake Michigan frozen.  It was such an amazing experience to stand on top of a frozen wave and take photos of our home away from home.  It was simply breathtaking and a strange feeling to experience the lake in this state.  So here today I share with you a place very special to me as it looks on this Winter day.

These shots are of the waves frozen.  There is an unknown man walking on the ice.  I liked the shots of him in the photo so you can see just how huge the waves were.  Simply gorgeous.  The brown color is the sand frozen into the wave.Another wave and a view of the lake looking southwest.Thank you to my sweet husband, Toby, for taking me up on a very cold Winter day.  It was such a great experience and a super fast trip. 

Remember… your trip begins at

Have a blessed day.



P.S. I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome mother-in-law, Willa K.  Here she is (with my little girl) at her surprise party on Saturday.  What a fun and memorable night that was.  Happy Birthday Willa K.  I am so happy you could enjoy South Haven in Winter with us.