Good Morning. It’s Friday we made it through another Winter week here in IN.  I’m one of those that LOVES winter. I love snow and don’t even mind shoveling it.   But please don’t invite me to come shovel yours. Ha.

This sweet baby girl was to be photographed 2 weeks ago and when I saw what the weather was going to bring the day of the scheduled shoot I knew we needed to do it sooner.  So on a bitter cold morning, I headed to the home of Jeff and Stefanie to photograph their precious little newborn daughter.  At that point the roads were still drivable.  What a difference a couple of days made that week.  We were hunkered down for several days after.

Jeff and Stefanie here is your preview of your sweet little Mya.  I loved getting to hold her and see her little smile. Enjoy!

Have a blessed day.


I absolutely love Mya’s hair.  It is so much like my daughter’s was when she was born.  And the fact that Mya smiled for this first shot made me so happy.  What a beautiful baby.