Berne, IN Wedding – Nathan and Kara

As we wind down 2013 I am feeling a little sad that wedding season is also winding down for 2013.  This will be my next to last wedding post for the year.

Kara and Nathan are such a fun pair and I truly loved every minute of their wedding day.  Weddings like theirs don’t even feel like work.  I had only met Nathan one time prior to the wedding, but Kara I have known for a long time.  She has a great sense of humor, a beautiful love for her family and God and of course Nathan.

About a year ago Kara asked me how far in advance someone has to book wedding. I informed her that it really depends on the time of year.  Kara and Nathan weren’t engaged at that point, but they knew it would be coming soon. Their engagement happened in June of this year.  Even though they had a short engagement they had an off season wedding so the planning and booking was much easier. I was thrilled that Kara had me do the job. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the day any other way.  And it was great too because my husband and I were invited guests so I was able to see him throughout the day as well.

Thank you Lehman and Rupp families for your hospitality and for being so fun!!

Have a blessed night. Love to all, Amy

Meet the Newlyweds: Nathan and Kara   Wedding Date: November 30, 2013  Location: Berne Evangelical Church

How they met: The couple met as seniors in high school and were really good friends. They started dating after their freshmen year of college.
Engagement: June 15, 2013. Nathan proposed in Nashville, IN while on vacation with Kara’s family. They took a walk in one of the trails and she thought maybe he was going to propose during their walk. But he waited until they got back to the house and proposed there instead.
Favorite Wedding Memory: Kara said her favorite wedding memory was seeing Nathan in his tuxedo for the first time.

Nathan and Kara, I am so happy for you guys. Your wedding was absolutely a pleasure to be part of. It was so much fun observing your love for each other, your family and friends. Kara, I remember about a year ago when you told me you thought this day would be coming soon. When you called with the news I was thrilled for you. I wish you guys a lifetime of God’s love and blessings. Thank you so much for having me. Much love, Amy