Portland, IN Wedding – Kaylyn and Kody

Oh my goodness… I’m not sure where to start with this wedding – so I’m just going to get this out of the way right now. This bride is my eldest niece.  She is one of the brightest spots of joy that I have in my heart.  I couldn’t be more proud of her and love her so much.  Ok… now that everyone knows that, let’s proceed.

Kaylyn and Kody were married in July, on a HOT, Indiana day.  It had poured down rain all week. So much so that it was questionable if we would be able to do any photos outside.  The bride and groom and myself all wanted that option so badly. Thankfully, the day panned out perfectly.  Upon arrival for getting ready photos, I hugged the excited bride and it felt so surreal!   I was hugging the same girl who was once my flower girl on my wedding day.

I could remember so clearly receiving a phone call from Kaylyn last fall SCREAMING into the phone that she was engaged!  It was crazy to think that the wedding day came so quickly.

Kody was super excited and nervous as well.  I know that they were both equally excited to be married and to share the day with the people who have impacted their lives the most.  They have so much love and support and it was beautiful to watch them feel the love all day.

Kody and Kaylyn, I am so proud of you both.  You are a hard working couple making a beautiful life together. I promise we will come visit in Nashville.

Enjoy the previews of a very large wedding gallery.

Much Love,


MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Kaylyn and Kody WEDDING DAY: July 22, 2017 LOCATION: Westchester UMC, Portland, IN and The Portland Events Center HOW THEY MET: Kaylyn and Kody met 12 years ago when they  were in youth group together and in the same friend group.  They had been best friends for so long but had no idea then what was ahead!  Kody informed Kaylyn a few months after they began dating (which was Fall 2014) he knew he wanted to be with her since he was in 8th-9th grade. That was such a special feeling to Kaylyn.  ENGAGEMENT: Kody put so much thought and effort into their engagement.  Kaylyn was expecting the engagement to be in Indiana, in their little home town, with family….She had it all played out in her head.  Kody had another idea…it was in Tennessee, at Trevecca Nazarene University at a bench in the middle of campus, but not just any bench, the bench they were sitting on when he kissed her for the first time.  The week of the engagement, as they were planning what they would do that weekend they decided to go out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate  being together for 2 years. When they met up to leave to go eat, Kody told Kaylyn that he wasn’t thinking right and had the times wrong because of the time change from Indiana to Tennessee, so they had an hour to kill and then he asked if she wanted to go sit at the bench. Kaylyn didn’t realize what was going on until they were almost to the bench and his voice was getting shaky, and he was saying how he couldn’t believe they had been together for 2 years and it was at this very bench they had their first kiss.  Once they got to the bench,  he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. That wasn’t the final surprise…he arranged that their sisters be there to capture this special moment by hiding to take pictures and then went on to celebrate with family in Indiana that weekend.  FAVORITE WEDDING MEMORIES: Kaylyn’s favorite memory was when the church doors opened and they saw each other for the first time.  They both had tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces.  It was a moment they didn’t want to end.  They also loved thinking about how many people were there, filling the church to help them celebrate this special moment in their lives.  It was such an overwhelming thought.  They also loved hearing them being introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Degler.  FIRST DANCE SONG: Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch HONEYMOON: Biloxi, Mississippi  ADVICE TO FUTURE BRIDES AND GROOMS: Don’t let all the stress of the preparations distract/take away from the exciting day you are planning for.  It is so easy to wish this time away because, it is a stressful time, mostly because you want everything to be perfect.  Allow yourself to take everything in and realize that no matter what, it will still be the best and most beautiful day of your life.