Portland, IN Wedding – Kyle and Heather

Kyle and Heather had the perfect Fall day for their wedding.  Each year there is one weekend when the leaves are at their Prime and Kyle and Heather got that day!

This couple is such a sweet and loving pair.  It’s so easy to photograph them because they are so at ease in front of the camera.  They laugh and smile and give each other sweet little glances that photographers love to catch.

The theme for the wedding was 1920’s Glam.  The decor in the venue was so pretty! The headbands that the ladies wore fit right into the theme, as well as the mens attire.  Heather’s broach and flower bouquet was so gorgeous!  It was a perfect asset to her look for the day.

There were a few special moments during the day that brought some tears. First of all the maid of honor and best man toasts were so very heartfelt and special.  Then later in the evening the mother of the groom gathered Kyle, Heather and all of their friends in a room for a special toast to two young men who should have been there that day, but their lives were cut short on this earth.  It was such a beautiful way to honor their friends and to raise a glass to their friendship.

Heather and Kyle, you two are so special and I have loved every moment working with you.  Enjoy your wedding photos and relive each second of the day as you browse through.  Here is the highlight reel of what is to come.

Much love,


MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Kyle and Heather WEDDING DATE: October 22, 2016 LOCATION: The Lions Civic Center, Portland, IN HOW THEY MET: Kyle and Heather met in 2010. They shared mutual friends, and one of Heather’s friends decided that she would get the ball rolling and get them together. This came after Kyle and Heather both confided in her their interest for one another.  ENGAGEMENT: Kyle proposed Christmas day, 2015. He worked the night before and called to tell Heather that he had to stay over at work. On the phone he told her that she had to go on a scavenger hunt for her Christmas present. He gave Heather the first clue which led to several more clues that she had to search for in the house. The last clue that she found said that she needed to drive to his sisters house. Heather drove there only to receive one more final clue that told me to go back home! While at his sisters house, Kyle had snuck home, parked the car down the street, and waited for Heather inside the house. She entered the house and Kyle was down on his knee, and he asked me to marry him. FAVORITE WEDDING MEMORIES: Heather –  Walking down the aisle to the love of her life. Kyle – seeing Heather walk down the aisle. They also enjoyed celebrating with everyone, and being able to celebrate the life of their friends who passed before our wedding.   FIRST DANCE: Zakk Wylde: Till the End HONEYMOON: Their honeymoon is upcoming and will be in St. Lucia