Richmond, IN Wedding – Zach and Erin

This wedding was so spectacular. Truly, it was perfect.  All day long comments were made by the wedding party, guests and myself of how picturesque it was.  I do believe that when a bride dreams of an October wedding, the day that Zach and Erin had was exactly what was envisioned.  The leaves, the rolling hills of Richmond, the genuine love OF the couple and the love FOR the couple were all factors in this wedding day. They were also factors in what made it so special to photograph.

Erin and Zach’s reception venue rates right at the top of my favorite venues. It was new to me and honestly I hope I get to  be there again.  You will see what I mean in these photos.  It is a hidden little gem!

Erin’s dress was timeless and it suited her to a tee.  And her bridesmaid dresses… I was in love with them.  Everything about this day looked like it was straight out of the Knot Magazine.

I know that I sound like a broken record but it was an honor to have met Erin and Zach and to have been there for them on their most special day.  We hit it off the first time we met and as I went through the day with them I felt like we had always been friends.

Congratulations Zach and Erin.  I adore you both.  Enjoy a few of my favorite moments of your wedding day.

Much Love,

~ Amy

MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Zach and Erin WEDDING DATE: October 17, 2015 LOCATION: Sylvan Nook Church of Christ and Forest Hill Country Club, Richmond, IN HOW THEY MET: Zach and Erin were college sweethearts. They met at Bethel College in 2011. They started dating our freshman year and never looked back. ENGAGEMENT: On April 12th of this year, Zach surprised Erin with a trip to Chicago. They spent the day there and then as the sun was setting they walked to Navy Pier and Zach proposed overlooking Lake Michigan. He had the ring box stored in his sock all day (which he was very nervous about). Zach got Erin to turn around toward the lake by telling her to do the “Titanic pose” facing the water. Erin did so without thinking and when she impatiently asked what was taking so long and turned around, he had gotten the ring from his sock and was on one knee. After saying many sweet words that I will never forget, he asked me to marry him. FAVORITE WEDDING MEMORIES: Zach and Erin both agreed that they loved the whole day. They felt so blessed to be surrounded by all of their supportive family and friends. Zach’s favorite memory was seeing Erin for the first time as she walked down the aisle. Erin’s favorite memory was when he whispered to her during the ceremony “You’re so beautiful.” She also loved that they wrote their own vows and were able to speak from the heart as we promised each other forever. FIRST DANCE SONG: Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley HONEYMOON LOCATION: Montego Bay, Jamaica